15 Litre

All the equipment you need to get started brewing your first 15L batches of beer at home. Also included is the malt hops and yeast for your first batch. For future batches all you need is the refil kit.



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The Molotov Kit

The perfect kit to get into all-grain brewing. Everything you need to craft a gallon of the good stuff using just your stove and a pot at home - without sacrificing on 100% all-grain quality. Craft a masterpiece and keep your housemate happy. The ultimate revolutionary tool.

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Running a brewery? Or thinking of getting one going? Get in touch with our Brewery Supply Division. We're official distributors for Castle Maltings (Belgium), Fermentis Yeast (France), Thomas Fawcett & Son (UK) and support craft breweries all over South Africa.

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Get inspired browsing through our collection of great beer recipes. We're always experimenting, and the best recipes make it here. Many of these come as pre-mixed kits as well, to make it just a little easier.

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