March 17 – Beginner Brewing Workshop (Tues evening)

R 300.00 incl. Vat @15%

Date: Tuesday, 17 March
Time: 6pm – 9;45pm
Venue: BeerGuevara, Salt River

Comprehensive, relaxed. Taught by local brewing experts, each workshops takes a small group of novice brewers through the entire brewing process. explaining on choosing the right malts and hops. Better understanding of mash, lauter, boil, chill and to pouring your first beer into the fermentor. A variety of craft beers and light snacks are served.

The event consists of a full all grain brew from start to finish where the lecturer will break down every step the need to be taken in order to produce great beer at home. We will also have a beer tasting of variety of craft beers to explain styles of beer(So you know what your beer should or should not taste and smell like). A break will be taken at mid point where light snacks will be served. Our lectures do not bite so it is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions that you are still not sure of. You are also more than welcome to return in a months time and taste the beer that was brewed.

*Please note for workshops to go ahead we require a minimum of 8 people to attend. If workshops are cancelled you will be given a minimum of 2 days notice prior to the workshop. For any cancellation or reschedules we require a minimum of 1 weeks notice. No refunds or reschedules if the minimum notice is not given.

All bookings will be move to your choice of any of the available upcoming dates.

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