Ant’s West Side Pale Ale

Just how a good West Coast Pale ale should be! A bit of caramel maltiness, some lovely citrus, pine hops on the nose with a thirst quenching bitterness on the end. The BRY-97 lends a little bit of fruitiness too, but if that is not your vibe sub in the squeaky clean US-05. Ingredients 3kg […]

A Quite Naas Spicy Weiss

Thirst quenching is what this Weiss recipe is all about. A very basic wheat and pilsen malt profile and subdued hop bitterness level, lay a platform for yeast produced esters and phenolics to shine. Banana, bubblegum, clove, coriander are all there at different levels depending on your fermentation temp. Lower…more spicy higher more fruity. Ingredients […]

American Amber Ale

This is one of Beerguevara’a most loved recipes. Its a classic if you don’t mind us saying so ourselves. A delightful amber hue, toffee notes and toasty melanoidins firing, with a subtle American hop character and a balancing bitterness. Delicious! Ingredients 3.5kg SAB Pale Malt 0.4kg Cara Aromatic Malt (50 EBC) 0.30kg Melanoidin Malt 0.2kg […]

Irish Stout

Dry, roasty with a silky mouthfeel, this Irish Stout knocks the pants off the Guiness you can get here in SA. If you like a easy drinking dark Ale you will love this recipe. Ingredients 2.8kg SAB Pale Malt 0.55kg Barley, Flaked 0.30kg Roasted Barley 0.2kg Cara Dark Malt (120 EBC) 14g Magnum Hops 15g […]

Best Biscuit Ale

Designed to replicate the ridiculous biscuity complexity of The New Belgium Breweries famous Fat Tire Ale. We think it comes fairly close. If you are chasing “length of toast” look no further. Ingredients 2kg Pale (2 Row) Malt 0.11kg Cara Extra Dark MaltĀ (150 EBC) 0.19kg Cara Aromatic (50 EBC) 0.38kg Biscuit Malt 1.67kg Munich Malt […]