The Newlands Spring

As you know, BEERGUEVARA started business in Newlands. And though the revolution has now moved to our brand new store in Woodstock, we still recommend dropping by the Newlands spring (that’s the actual watering hole, not Forries or Barristers) to stock up on some the best brewing water available in the Cape (and it’s free).

You can find the spring water gushing out of a rather humble PVC pipe at the end of Springs Road, off Kildare Road in Newlands.

Don’t be put off by the lack of signage or showcasing, though – the quality of the water flowing out of the Newlands Spring is is regularly tested by Peter from Rawlicious Foods. His recent results are as follows:

  • TDS: 95
  • pH: 5.9
  • Ca: 3.1
  • Mg: 2.7
  • Na: 17
  • Total Bacteria/1ml: 10 (max allowed:100)
  • Coliforms/100ml: 2 (max allowed: 5)
  • E Coli/100ml: 0

Here is what Tim Godfrey of SAB has to say

“The Newlands spring is abstracted by SAB, and all beer from the Newlands Brewery is made from only spring water, no municipal water.

The quality is excellent for brewing, it has a pH of 5.6 (same as rainwater), low alkalinity, low mineral content, no contaminants.We do not treat the water in any way. It is textbook quality brewing water, fortunately unpolluted by agriculture and industry.

As a brewer I only drink the spring water, and the products made from it. Forget about the chemical stories, they are not true”.

He adds, ”The spring is owned by SAB and the Newlands Brewery uses only spring water in production of our beers, and have been for well over 100 years. The water is excellent quality and we are able to use it without pre-treatment. It is indeed the reason the brewery exists where it does. What can be collected at the end of Springs Way is the overflow from the spring. The berm around the spring can be seen over the vibracrete wall. It was recorded as already built in 1841 and protects the spring from damage.

It has a low hardness, which would make it the envy of lager style brewers worldwide. It has very low levels of heavy metals (less than tap water) and no contaminants.In short, it is perfect water, much sought after by members of the public in the know. It has cultural and other significance from members of the Muslim community who collect it.

It is sad and ironic that our beers are rumoured to contain chemicals – nothing could be further from the truth, with the spring making 93% of our products.

If anyone is interested I have a short paper on the history and significance of the spring – you can e.mail me on”

Source: Spill Magazine