American Amber Ale

This is one of Beerguevara’a most loved recipes. Its a classic if you don’t mind us saying so ourselves. A delightful amber hue, toffee notes and toasty melanoidins firing, with a subtle American hop character and a balancing bitterness. Delicious!


3.5kg SAB Pale Malt
0.4kg Cara Aromatic Malt (50 EBC)
0.30kg Melanoidin Malt
0.2kg Cara Extra Dark Malt (150 EBC)
11g Summit Hops
20g Cascade Hops
1 x 11.5g sachet SafAle US-05 American Ale Yeast


Add 10 liters of water at 78°C to the mash tun and allow to cool to 74°C.
Add all grains.
Temp should drop to about 67°C (Add cool/hot water to reach this temp).
Steep for 60 min. Temp should remain constant.


(2-Step Batch Sparge)
Step 1: Add 4.5 litres water tot he mash tun at 76°C. Tap off all wort to Boil Pot until water level is just above surface of grain bed.
Step 2: Add 10 litres of water to mash tun at 76°C. Tap off wort into Boil Pot.


(60 mins)
Boil Size: 20.5 litres.
Boil for 60 Minutes.
Add all Summit hops at beginning of boil.
Add 6g Cascade Hops 10 minutes before end of boil.
Add 14g Cascade Hops 1 minutes before end of boil.


Cool wort to 22°C, pour/siphon into fermenter, aerate well and pitch yeast.
Estimated Original Gravity (OG) is 1.055 SG. Ferment between 16-20 degrees. Allow to ferment for 7-14 days or
until Specific Gravity (SG) readings are identical over a 24-hour period.
Estimated Final Gravity (FG) is 1.011 SG. Once fermentation is done, tap off
and bottle / keg.

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4 Responses to “American Amber Ale”

  1. Mark Webb January 28, 2015 at 1:47 pm #

    A newbee question regarding volumes. Looking at American Amber Ale recipe.
    Mash = 10 litres
    Sparge 1 = 4.5 litres
    Sparge 2 = 10 litres
    24,5 litres so far.

    Boil size is 20.5 litres – where did the other 4 litres go?

    Makes 15 litres – so does 5.5 litres boil off in 60 minutes?

    ps – when will you be getting boilpots in stock?

    • Glenn Southern February 5, 2015 at 2:40 pm #

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your email.

      We apologies for the late reply to your query.

      We do have 20litre alum pots in stock at the moment, and will be getting 36litre alum pots in over the next few days.

      Please contact us on 021 447 0646 if you have further questions.



      • Bruce March 31, 2015 at 8:17 pm #

        Hi guys
        Why is there such a big difference in the boil between the8.5l kits and the 20L batch?
        8.5L boil: 24.5L boil
        4g summit @ 60m 11g Summit @60min
        3g Cascade @20min 14g Cascade @10min
        5g Cascade @5min 6g Cascade @ 1min
        I thought the times should be the same, just the quantities different.
        Surely that will effect the taste as the 8.5l boil with the cascade for 20min, and the 24.5l only boils for 10min with the equivalent hops?
        But I am new and might be off target.

        • Anthony October 10, 2015 at 7:47 pm #

          Dear Bruce

          They are actually slightly different recipes. I changed the 20L recipe a while back to a more aromatic hop profile.

          Hope that helps.


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