Belgian Blonde – 15 Litre Recipe

A beautifully golden colour, with a full, smooth and fruity flavour. This is a classic Belgium Blonde, with a multi-layered complexity  and a subtle dry finish.


4.2kg Pilsen Malt
0.25kg Pale Ale Malt
15g Saaz (50 Min)
8g Mittelfruh Hops (5 Min)
1 x T-58  yeast sachet.


Add 11 litres of water at 76°C to the mash tun and allow to cool to 71°C.
Add all grains.
Temp should drop to 63°C (Add cool/hot water to reach this temp).
Steep for 60 min. Temp should remain constant.

Raise mash temp to 67°C by applying heat or adding roughly 2 liters of boiling water to the mash tun. Rest at 67°C for 15 min.


(2-Step Batch Sparge)
Step 1: Add 6.5 litres of water to the mash tun at 78°C. Tap off wort into Boil Pot until water level is just above the surface of grain bed.
Step 2: Add another 6.5 litres of water to the mash tun at 76°C. Tap off wort into Boil Pot.

Boil (75 min):

Boil Size: 20.5 litres.
Add 15g Saaz at 50 min. Add a pinch of coriander here too.
Add 8g Mittelfruh Hops at 5 min.


Cool wort to 26°C, pour/siphon into fermentor, aerate well and pitch yeast. Estimated Original Gravity (OG) is 1.065 SG. Ferment between 25-28 degrees. Allow to ferment for a week or two or until Specific Gravity (SG) readings are identical over a 24-hour period. Estimated Final Gravity (FG) is 1.010
Allow the dyacetil to rest for 24 hours at the end of fermentation prior to yeast removal.
Lagering: 2 days at 12 oC and 2 weeks at 0-1 oC. Once fermentation is done, tap off and bottle/keg.