Best Biscuit Ale – 15 Litre Recipe

Designed to replicate the ridiculous biscuity complexity of The New Belgium Breweries famous Fat Tire Ale. We think it comes fairly close. If you are chasing “length of toast” look no further.


2kg Chateau Pale Ale
0.11kg Chateau Crystal (150 EBC)
0.19kg Chateau Cara Ruby (50 EBC)
0.38kg Chateau Biscuit
1.67kg Chateau Munich 25 EBC
5.5g Willamette Hops
13g Mittelfruh Hops
17g Northern Brewer Hops
1 x sachet of SafAle US-05 American Ale Yeast.


Add 10 litres of water at 78°C to the mash tun and allow to cool to 74°C. Add all grains. Temp should drop to 67°C (Add cool/hot water to reach this temp). Steep for 60 min. Temp should remain constant.


(2-Step Batch Sparge)
Step 1: Add 7.5 litres of water to the mash tun at 78°C. Tap off wort into Boil Pot until water level is just above the surface of grain bed.
Step 2: Add another 7.5 litres of water to the mash tun at 78°C. Tap off wort into Boil Pot.


(60 mins)
Boil Size: 20.5 litres.
Add 17g Northern Brewer Hops at 60 min (i.e at beginning of the boil),
13g Mittelfruh Hops at 15 min,
and 5.5g Willamette Hops at 5 min before end of boil.


Cool wort to 22°C, pour/siphon into fermentor, aerate well and pitch yeast. Estimated Original Gravity (OG) is 1.053 SG. Ferment between 17 and 20 degrees. Allow to ferment for a week or two or until Specific Gravity (SG) readings are identical over a 24-hour period. Estimated Final Gravity (FG) is 1.011 SG. Once fermentation is done, tap off and bottle/keg.

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