The Victoria Hand Grain Mill

R 1,550.00 incl. Vat @15%

This mill holds a special place in our hearts as it was Beerguevara’s first mill. Back in the day we used this little guy to crush our first customer’s order. From plenty of personal experience we would say this mill is suited to crushing up to 5kg grain bills (about a 10 min workout). However, if you want to grow those biceps for the beach (or tone those triceps) don’t let us get in the way; crush as much grain as it takes!

•    The mill runs off of two plates grinding together to crush the grain
•    It is fully adjustable to allow for coarse or fine grinds
•    Clamps easily to most tables
•    Hopper holds about 450 grams
•    Easily rotating wood handle
•    While the mill handle is removable, hooking up a drill or motor is not recommended nor needed.

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