15 Litre Grain Bill – A Quite Naas Weiss (Grain Only)

R 155.00 incl. Vat @15%

Hops and Yeast not included

All the grain you need for our 15L Quite Naas Weiss recipe mixed into one bag and ready to go. The recipe can be found in the Beer Recipes tab at the top of the page. Make sure you check it out so that you know what hops and yeast you will need to purchase along with this premixed grain pack.

Please take note that all grain comes un-milled as a default, if you would like to have your grain milled please select “Mill My Grain” to your cart.


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2kg Wheat Blanc Malt
1.2kg Pilsen (2 row)
0.2kg Munich Malt
0.1kg Cara Ruby (50 EBC)

Not Included (Sold Separately):

14g Mittelfruh Hops (60 min)
10g Mittelfruh Hops (15 min)
3/4 of a sachet of Safbrew WB-06 Wheat Beer Yeast.

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